“The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton

Time Holiday Tour packages are tailored to make your holidays a memorable event. We schedule tours in such a manner that each destination receives its due share of your precious time. We specialize in organizing exclusive tours covering different destinations, and our specially designed tours and travel packages are arranged in such a manner that you can enjoy every exotic place.

For organizations as well as people, we professionally handle international inbound tours to India. We program and cost our travel packages for our clients in a way that is tailored not only to their budgets but also to their ambitions. Our committed On Time Holiday Agents team is the key to our exponential growth. With channel partners across India, we are now working on the IT technology front to bring you more advantages in the future. The outcome of all this is a never-forgotten experience for all our clients. No wonder most of them decide to come back to India… and to us because they understand that we are striving to be the best and bent on keeping a’ win – win’ partnership.

Our Aim

To create itineraries that give our guests far more than the standard Pilgrimage or Holy Land Tour. Our services provide a strong foundation and assist to build a very safe and secure atmosphere of joyful travel, in which our visitors experience the deepening of their own convictions by wandering through the territory of the Globe.

Our Mission

To give a service that is beyond the conventional, above the anticipated service. We are dedicated to helping different organizations, fit travelers with their specific interests and wishes; both spiritual, physical and other. Our support for you, tour co-ordinators, will improve your respect and the importance of your organisation in the eyes of those who travel with you.

Our Management

Our leadership is always in close touch with the tour organizer, to whom we give incentives and promotional aids. This operates both for the benefit of our customer and for the benefit of our colleague. Our tour guides are licensed, professional, responsive and well-trained. They are provided from among the native speakers of the nation from which the organizations originate. This helps to better ensure the needs of individual travellers, culture and religious values respectively.